Raleigh-based company creates all-natural bug repellent

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Summer is the season for mosquito bites, and a local company wants to make sure you don't get bit.

Murphy's Naturals created a product that repels those pests. and it has their business buzzing.

"I wanted to create something, something that works, something that makes a difference in the market," said creator of Murphy's Naturals, Phillip Freeman.

Freeman started the company out of his garage two years ago. Now, they make incense sticks and candles that repel mosquitos out of a north Raleigh warehouse.

"We wanted to create a product that was all-natural and fully sustainable and free of all the toxins and chemicals and petroleums that most products have in them," Freeman explained.

Murphy's uses natural essence oils of citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary. Freeman said he uses five to ten times the active ingredients of his competitors, and that's why business exploded when it hit Amazon.com.

"We put it out there, it was an all-natural solution, and there aren't many of them that are that way, and all of a sudden we started getting momentum like crazy," Freeman said.

Murphy's Naturals received glowing reviews online for the fair prices and the product's effectiveness.

"It doesn't kill them, it repels them, it annoys them, it keeps them away," Freeman explained. "It's like if you smell something you don't like, it's very similar for them. It's also a chemical reaction within their nervous system that causes them to avoid it if you have the right doses."

Freeman said everything from the incense sticks, made from bamboo sawdust, to the candles, made from palm wax, is natural.

To learn more about Murphy's Natural, click here.

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