Raleigh personal growth platform helps women reach life goals

The women's empowerment movement has been life-changing for many, and it started in Raleigh.

It's called Goal Friends, a concept consisting of a workbook and a monthly meet-up group to help achieve life goals.

"I designed it as a simple step by step process," explained Goal Friends founder Darlene Whitehurst. "I designed it for a millennial, a stay-at-home mom, a reinvent yourself woman out of the workforce, maybe they've stayed home to raise kids, whoever it may be, to come together to support each other to get clear on what they want," Whitehurst explained.

Whitehurst is a successful business owner of a marketing company, Adsource Media. She came up with the concept of the goal setting workbook while conducting a meeting.

After she saw how much it helped, she felt a calling to create Goal Friends to help inspire and empower others.

"When you're not clear on what you want, life kind of, life happens to you," Whitehurst said. "This creates purposeful conversations and powerful connections," she said.

Whitehurst said there are Goal Friend groups across the globe using the workbook, monthly meetings, and social media to stay on track.

"It's become its own thing because there's honor in it. It's celebratory. It's women lifting other women up," Whitehurst said.
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