'I never had a reason to miss school': Cumberland County student graduates with perfect attendance from K-12

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Cumberland County high school graduate has earned the rare achievement of never missing a single day of school in her life.

Hannah Coggins, 18, graduated from Cape Fear High School on June 16. In a total of 13 years, Coggins was always present and accounted for from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

"I probably broke the record for being tardy, but dad said I could be tardy, but I couldn't be absent," Coggins told ABC11 in a Zoom interview.

The young woman credits her strong immune system for allowing her to never miss a day of school.

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"Knock on wood, I've never been sick, so I never had a reason to miss school, so I just didn't not go," Coggins added.

However, while staying healthy never hurts, Coggins gives most of the credit to her father, who she says instilled a strong work ethic throughout her life.

"Basically, I just say 'my dad made me do it, haha'. He just always pushed me to do my best, and he always said I would miss something important if I wasn't there," Coggins said.

During her times at Cape Fear HS, Coggins tells ABC11 she was always drawn to her science classes. Now, she's hoping to one day become a physical therapist's assistant.

"What everybody's told me is that, at the end, you're always going to be remembered for that achievement, and it can help you out and especially during jobs. They'll know they can depend on you to be there, because you've already went through 13 years without missing a day," Coggins said.

In the fall, she plans to attend Fayetteville Technical Community College and further her education. Coggins adds she'll apply the same strong work ethic she had in high school.
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