'We took the W': Caniacs cheer Hurricanes to round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Saturday, April 29, 2023
Fans cheered the canes to round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Carolina Hurricanes fan in Raleigh cheered on the team to their big win in round 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Inside Carolina Ale House on Glenwood South, it was Canes Country.

"It's electric inside. The crowd was going wild. Every play, every penalty, every goal the crowd was going crazy," said Hurricane Fan David Felmly.

Fans like Felmly cheered on the home team as they faced the Islanders on the road in a tough Game 6.

Greg and Nolan Wilson, a father and son duo were on the edge of their seats, barely containing their emotions as they waited for the Canes to make their first goal

"My heart rate is 102 BPM according to my Apple Watch a minute ago," said Wilson.

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The first goal that Canes fans waited for came late in the third period, which only sent Nolan's heart rate racing.

" I'm nervous for over time," he said with his dad Greg by his side.

Wilson's nerves didn't last long. The Hurricanes closed it out early in overtime.

"My wife texted me and said every time you two go out, we go into overtime and we win," said Felmly, who watched the game with his young daughter.

The daddy and daughter duo brought the Canes the added luck they would need to send them to round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

"We took the W. Go Canes," Felmly cheered.