The top Google searches about the Carolina Panthers

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Thursday, February 4, 2016
Carolina Panthers

With the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl and favored by most to win it all, interest in the team has never been higher.

Google has taken notice as people keep pounding the keyboard, searching for answers about the team.

The top 5 trending questions (and the answers, for those of you who don't know):

Who owns the Carolina Panthers?

Answer: Jerry Richardson is the majority owner. There are a host of minority owners, too. Richardson opened the first Hardee's franchise in Spartanburg, S.C, with a bonus check he received from the 1959 NFL championship.

Who beat the Carolina Panthers this year?

Answer: The only team to beat the Panthers this season was the Atlanta Falcons. Two weeks after Carolina whitewashed their NFC South foes 38-0 in Charlotte, the Falcons got even with a 20-13 victory Dec. 27 in Atlanta.

What was the score of the Panthers game?

Answer: Uh, which game? Most recently, the Panthers routed the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 on Jan. 24 in Charlotte to win the NFC Championship and advance to Super Bowl 50.

When was the last time the Panthers won the Super Bowl?

Answer: The Panthers have never won a Super Bowl. They played in Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston on Feb. 1, 2004, but lost to the New England Patriots 32-29.

When were the Carolina Panthers founded?

Answer: NFL owners chose Carolina to be the 29th NFL franchise on Oct. 26, 1993.

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The most searched player on Google during the season, (from Sept. 10, 2015 through Jan. 24) was not surprisingly, quarterback Cam Newton.

He was followed by Michael Oher, Josh Norman, Luke Kuechly and Greg Olsen

Sir Purr.
Bob Leverone

A lot of people were curious about the Panthers' mascot, too.

In just the last week, what most people wanted to know is "Who is Sir Purr?"

They also wanted to know who plays Sir Purr, and even how much the mascot makes.

Finally, another popular question - apparently for those who haven't been paying attention: "What animal is Sir Purr?"

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