Panthers reveal 2019 schedule with ode to classic video games

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Monday, April 29, 2019
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The Carolina Panthers have released their 2019 schedule.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WTVD) -- I'm one of those people who needs a break from the NFL once the Super Bowl wraps up. Give me time to get away, to enjoy the plentiful world of other sports and to spend some time with my family. I know, crazy talk.

I don't care about the draft combine, I don't care about mock drafts and I especially don't extra care about schedule release day.

The NFL, as is their right, doesn't care about my lack of caring on this subject and has chosen to try and make schedule day something to celebrate.

So, when that inevitable day rolled around on Tuesday, I was fully prepared to totally ignore it. And then the Panthers went and did this:

It's an ode to the video games that I played as an aging fuddy-duddy. Nothing will get my attention more than appealing to me. Selfish old me. So thanks to the Panthers for doing that.

As for an actual schedule analysis, they play in London on Oct. 13 at 9:30 a.m.


Sun 09/08 1:00 PM EDT VS Los Angeles Rams

Thu 09/12 8:20 PM EDT VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sun 09/22 4:05 PM EDT AT Arizona Cardinals

Sun 09/29 1:00 PM EDT AT Houston Texans

Sun 10/06 1:00 PM EDT VS Jacksonville Jaguars

Sun 10/13 9:30 AM EDT AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Sun 11/03 1:00 PM EST VS Tennessee Titans

Sun 11/10 1:00 PM EST AT Green Bay Packers

Sun 11/17 1:00 PM EST VS Atlanta Falcons

Sun 11/24 1:00 PM EST AT New Orleans Saints

Sun 12/01 1:00 PM EST VS Washington Redskins

Sun 12/08 1:00 PM EST AT Atlanta Falcons

Sun 12/15 1:00 PM EST VS Seattle Seahawks

Sun 12/22 1:00 PM EST AT Indianapolis Colts

Sun 12/29 1:00 PM EST VS New Orleans Saints

It's maybe worth noting that the Panthers get just one primetime game and that's right out of the box in the second week versus the Bucs.

It's a Thursday nighter which is just four days after opening the season at home versus the Rams.

Beyond that, you know, they play the teams in their division twice and some other teams once. Pretty standard stuff.

Here's to hoping the season finale vs the Saints carries playoff implications. Or better yet, here's hoping the Panthers are 15-0 at that point and resting all their starters.

It's schedule release day -- we can dream, can't we?

By the way -- here are the ways every other NFL team chose to reveal their schedule. Each far more interesting than the schedule itself.