Thieves steal $1,200 from Cary VFW post

CARY, NC (WTVD) -- Cary Police are investigating after two thieves were caught on security cameras stealing from the Franklin-Sloan VFW Post.

"It's horrible," explained Tom Baker, the Junior Vice Commander of the post.

Early Friday morning, the video showed a man using a tool to smash through a door. About 90 seconds later, it appears a female entered the building through the hole in the door.

Security cameras throughout the building caught the pair's movements, including a trip to the canteen.

In total, the thieves stoles $1,200, which doesn't include the costs for repairs and future upgrades to security.

"The money that comes in usually goes right out in terms of helping veterans. So basically what they stole is the operational money that lets us keep this place rolling," said Baker.

More than 300 local vets are part of this branch of VFW, which was named after U.S. Army Private First Class Carl Franklin and U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant William Perry Sloan, who were both killed during World War II.

Their pictures are prominently displayed just feet away from the smashed door, alongside a Purple Heart and Silver Star. The thieves walked directly past the medals and pictures during the break-in, as they tried to pry open a locked door inside.

"The fact that these people broke in here right in front of this makes it even more brazen to me," expressed Baker.

He explained that post also assists veterans in need directly, including providing assistance in paying bills.

"It's unconscionable to think that somebody would break in and rob this place to help veterans that are down on their luck," said Baker.

They've set up a GoFundMe to make up for the lost funds.

If you have any information on this break-in call Cary Police.
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