Raleigh police association critical of 24/7 security detail assigned to police chief since protesters showed up to her home in March

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The Raleigh Police Protective Association says they take issue with a 24/7 security detail being provided to Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown at taxpayer expense. She's been receiving the security at her home since March, when protesters showed up at her home.

"We find this concerning because this unusual security service is an atypical use of city and police resources," Raleigh Police Protective Association spokesperson Rick Armstrong said in a Facebook post Thursday. "Private citizens and business owners requesting around-the-clock security would be required to hire off-duty police at $35 per hour or a private security service. Why is Chief Deck-Brown treated differently than Raleigh citizens or Raleigh police officers?"

The Raleigh Police Department responded in a Facebook post saying the detail was provided after more than 100 protesters showed up on her street March 10.

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The Facebook post said:

"During that protest the Chief's personal address was disseminated on social media by those who were present in the crowd. Since that time, her address has been posted to social media by other individuals and the Chief has received numerous angry and threatening emails. This type of activity poses a threat not only to the Chief, but to her neighbors and their property as well.
It is unsettling to know that there are individuals in the community and across the nation who threaten our police chief. However, that is the harsh reality that we face. Even as the Department works to determine which threats are credible and those that are not, we find it necessary to continue the security detail for Chief Deck-Brown and, by extension, her neighbors.
The Raleigh Police Department has provided protective details in situations where there is a probability of harm, including for visiting dignitaries, for officers who have been involved in critical incidents, and for public officials who have received threats."

Armstrong said that Raleigh police officers threatened in the past were not given long-term protection.

"Raleigh police officers are being re-assigned from other parts of the city to fulfill this assignment at a private residence," Armstrong said in a press release. "RPPA feels this special treatment compromises public safety, drains financial resources, and warrants a discussion by the Raleigh City Council to approve and budget the program's existence."

Armstrong also said the patrol comes at a time when the department is not fully staffed.

"There are other police officers out there working very hard patrolling the streets of Raleigh when the city is not fully staffed with police officers," Armstrong said to ABC11. "So a priority of the city should be let's get the city fully staffed and then we might have the ability to offer more protection for officers that are threatened, including the chief of police."

Raleigh Police Department did not respond to a request asking how much the patrol is costing taxpayers.

Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin released the following statement:

"The RPD put out a statement yesterday explaining the rationale for the security detail, which I support. This entire situation is sad and unfortunate. But we must ensure the safety of our Chief and her neighborhood."
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