Day trips in the Triangle: Chapel Hill

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
UNC Chapel Hill

Oh, the places we will go in the Triangle!

Anchored by three cities: Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, the Triangle is a melting pot of places to visit and explore in North Carolina.

So this post is not by all means inclusive of everything that the Triangle has to offer but I know you will find great options for day trips in the Triangle here.

And this is a great time to share this with you as Triangle Restaurant Week kicked off this week and runs through Sunday, January 28! So you can add any of the featured restaurants into your day trip for a yummy splash of culinary fun.

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Can't make it to the area this week, no worries ... just check out any of these places, one by one on various days or choose to combine a few!

Day Trips Chapel Hill

Coker Arboretum is located on the campus of UNC.

Ackland Art Museum, also located on the campus of UNC, houses North Carolina's premier collections of Asian art.

Carolina Basketball Museum also located on the campus of UNC. The museum highlights the history of UNC basketball!

Earlier we took a look at day trips you can make around Raleigh, and tomorrow we'll investigate Durham!

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