Charges against Raleigh man surprise neighbors who reported him to police

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Complaints by neighbors about a Raleigh homeowner have resulted in charges against the man, but the charges are not what neighbors expected.

According to search warrants recently made public at the Wake County Justice Center, 49-year old Maurice Majette was first reported for running an unlicensed home business.

Raleigh police eventually became involved because of issues involving heavy traffic, speeding, and parking problems.

But they determined Majette was selling counterfeit apparel on the internet and called in investigators from the North Carolina Secretary of State's office.

They have since charged Majette with criminal use of a counterfeit trademark and inventory lists on search warrants show they seized hundreds of pairs of shoes - most branded Nike - along with other apparel.

Maurice Majette

"To find out it's not to do with drugs it's obviously a big relief on our part but the traffic with our kids is what we're really concerned about. The cars go super fast," neighbor Karl Beatty said.

ABC 11 went to Majette's door.

He answered and agreed to talk but not on camera.

He denied all the allegations and any involvement with counterfeit apparel.

But minutes after we left the house a car pulled up, parked on the street, a man got out and spent a few minutes inside Majette's home before leaving.

Another car showed up and did the same just a few minutes after that.

And a short time later the first man returned for a few minutes and left.

Beatty said, however, that's not the only kind of traffic neighbors noted.

"We see a UPS truck here two, three times a day sometimes," he told ABC11.

A state investigator even staked out a nearby barber shop and claims that a man driving Majette's car showed up while UPS was delivering packages of counterfeit goods and loaded them into Majette's car.

Omar Lucas, 32, has been charged along with Majette with criminal use of a counterfeit trademark.

According to the search warrants investigators have seized more than $70,000 in counterfeit goods in the investigation.

But that pales in comparison to the nearly half-million dollars' worth they claim was seized from a store Majette used to run in Raleigh called Messiah Fashions.

In court documents, state investigators say between 2007 and 2013 the counterfeit goods were seized during several raids on the business.

But they also note that in 2014, Majette suffered a "medical debilitation" that left him unable to stand trial and the charges were dropped.

Majette pointed out Monday that he is partially paralyzed on his right side.

When asked if he thought that would keep him from going to trial on the latest charges he said, "Yes."
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