Police say truck used to break into Concord gun shop

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CHARLOTTE (WTVD) -- Police are investigating after someone drove a truck through the front of a gun shop overnight in Concord.

WSOC reports that officers said around 3 a.m. someone crashed the truck into Repent Arms gun store along Union Street South.

The suspects drove the truck into the gun store and ran.

Police were alerted to the store after OnStar received an alert about deployed airbags in the truck.

Police have not said what, if anything, was stolen from the store, but investigators said the truck was stolen out of Charlotte.

Employees started locking up some of the bigger guns after the protests began in Charlotte.

No suspect information has yet to be released.

Police in Lowell were also investigating a separate gun store break in early Tuesday morning.

Officers were called to Aim and Defend on Wilkinson Boulevard around 4:20 a.m.

Investigators said two men smashed the glass to get into the store and stole three guns, along with ammunition and magazines before fleeing.

In the past month, crimes like this have been increasing in the area.

Earlier this month, suspects crashed a Dodge Ram truck through the back of The Arms Room gun shop in Charlotte.

The suspect ran inside, but the shop owner put all the guns away.

That truck was originally stolen from a south Charlotte neighborhood.

In a different case, suspects drove a large SUV into J.J. Aim Right gun shop in Fort Mill.

And later, a truck was driven into the Cash America building off Albemarle Road, which sells fire arms.

Another gun store off South Boulevard was also broke into.

So far this year, police said 420 guns have been stolen in Charlotte, and police believe many of the cases could be connected to larger crimes.

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