Millbrook High School retires NBA rookie No. 3 jersey

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Saturday, February 15, 2020
Millbrook retires Chris Clemons' No. 3 jersey
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Millbrook retires Chris Clemons' No. 3 jersey

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- During Friday night's halftime of the Millbrook boys basketball team, the Wildcats, honored former star point guard Chris Clemons in front of a packed house.

Millbrook retired Clemons' number three jersey. Clemons now plays alongside James Harden as a point guard for the Houston Rockets

"For me personally, this was always something that I've been shooting for," he said. "I didn't really listen to people that don't matter, people who doubted me, it was all about me believing in myself and putting in the work to be able to get what I wanted in life. It's a huge accomplishment. That means something when people want to retire your jersey it means you created a legacy."

The 5'9" point guard had plenty of doubters growing up but continued to prove them wrong.

Clemons is the second leading scorer all-time at Millbrook High School with 1,230 points during his time as a varsity player.

After Millbrook, Clemons went on to play at Campbell University where he set 49 school records including 3,225 career points, the third-most all-time in NCAA history.

This past Nov. he became the first-ever Millbrook alum to appear in the NBA when he scored 16 points against the Miami Heat.

Clemons was awarded with a three-year contract by the Rockets on Dec. 27.