Campus Christian group sues NC State

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Campus group sues NCSU
Christian group says it is being discriminated against.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A campus Christian group has filed a federal lawsuit against NC State University claiming the school has unconstitutionally restricted its free speech rights.

In its lawsuit, Grace Christian Life says it is a registered student organization that seeks to "initiate conversations with students about religion and other important topics" and its goal "is to give an accurate picture of Jesus and His church to all people everywhere."

The lawsuit says in September 2015, NC State told the group it was not allowed to approach students and engage them in religious conversations without first getting written permission required under its solicitation policy.

Lawyers for Grace Christian Life say NC State's policy is a violation of the Constitution's protection of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, due process, and equal protection of law.

"College campuses, especially public universities, are supposed to be a marketplace of ideas," said attorney Christian Dysart. "And that should mean a free flow of ideas, a spontaneous debate."

Dysart, a Raleigh lawyer, is working with the Alliance Defending Freedom, a national nonprofit that is handling the case.

The lawsuit, which names Chancellor of North Carolina State University Randy Woodson and the Board of Governors as defendants, demands a jury trial.


The lawsuit was filed late Tuesday afternoon.

ABC11 reached out to NC State officials for comment.

The University said it cannot comment because it hasn't yet received a copy of the lawsuit.

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