Garner Road Community Center seeking partners to help keep building thriving

GARNER, N.C. (WTVD) -- For the past 10 years, Mo Johnson has walked the halls of the Garner Road Community Center, "I feel like this is where the Lord wants me to be."

The center offers an after-school program for kids of all ages.

Johnson, an NC State graduate, was supposed to pursue a career in politics, but after graduation, she got a job at the YMCA.

It was that job that would forever change the trajectory of Johnson's life. "I started working with the outreach low-income neighborhoods in Raleigh and I just couldn't stop."

Johnson has various sports leagues running throughout the facility. In addition, she has kept a college prep course thriving. There are just under 200 kids participating.

Johnson took ABC11 on a tour of the building. It's clear that the facility has been well loved and does not reflect the good deeds that take place inside.

The walls need new paint and portions of the floors need to be replaced.

Johnson said they would love for more community partners to help the center. She said they would love for the space to be used during the day while kids are at school

Johnson purposed the idea of fitness programs and programs for seniors. She also suggested renting out some of the offices in the buildings for those entrepreneurs who need a space with affordable rent to work.

But until more help comes, Jonhson will do what she's done for a decade. She will focus on the children who walk in her doors.
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