Leading the way into the Raleigh Christmas Parade

ABC11 is counting down to the Raleigh Christmas Parade presented by Shop Local Raleigh and the smallest performers you'll see are miniature horses.

These horses are part of "Stampede of Love" a non-profit dedicated to uplifting the spirits of children in hospitals and others in need through animal-assisted therapy.

"You can't describe it. I mean they light up. Any problems, or fears, or worries they have the temporarily go away," said founder, Tara Needham.

These minis have a huge personality. Kiwi watches the Kentucky Derby rooting for his favorite as they get ready for an appearance of their own.

This will be their 10th appearance in the parade but Tara doesn't forget their first.

"We had no idea what a big deal that's Raleigh Christmas parade was. We came around the corner and looked up and there were people hanging from the parking structure is just staring down. It was just so exciting, said Needham.

While taking care 6 horses is no easy task - Tara and her Stampede of Love are excited to lead into the holiday season.

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