Pay it forward with these beautiful bouquets

CHICAGO -- This local flower shop is encouraging her neighbors to pay it forward by anonymously sending bouquets to family or friends.

Stella Grey Blooms in Chicago's North Center neighborhood is selling Pay It Forward flowers.

Owner Sally Hayes said the inspiration for the idea came from a fellow florist who lives in Miami.

"You send somebody flowers and you don't say who it's from," Hayes said. You write things like 'I hope these make your day' or ' I hope they brighten your day' and at the end, you just say 'Pay it forward.'"

All of the bouquets are sanitized and hand-delivered.

"A lot of times I get a call of people asking who sent me this," Hayes said. "I say 'I can't tell', it's the whole process of it, it gets people reaching out to their friends and it sort of escalates from that."

For more information about the Pay It Forward bouquets, visit Stella Grey Blooms' website.