Florida dad creates Disney sidewalk art during coronavirus pandemic

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Dad creates Disney sidewalk art during COVID-19 pandemic
A Florida man showed off his art skills by drawing Disney characters on his sidewalk using nothing but chalk.

LUTZ, FL -- When a Florida father realized coronavirus would keep him from taking his daughters to Walt Disney World, he decided to bring the magic of Disney to his daughters.

With a little chalk, a little water, and a lot of creativity, Brian Morris is channeling his inner Bert from Mary Poppins and putting together imagination-inspiring sidewalk art.

"People have asked me oh you're painting them on there. No, it's just regular chalk. It's amazing what you can do with water," Morris told ABC affiliate WFTS.

Morris is a construction manager by day and a part-time artist by night.

He said before the pandemic, he enjoyed coming home from a hard day at work and unwinding by painting or drawing.

One day he was out having a little fun with his daughters, the next thing you know each sidewalk square outside his home features a different Disney movie.

"I find a photo with my phone. I sit here with my phone, trace it out, map it out and go from there," Morris said.

Morris has documented his work on his Facebook page. As for how long he'll keep recreating Disney classics on his sidewalk...

"I'm going to keep drawing them as long as everyone keeps liking them."