Caregivers Corner: 4 steps to protect those who are elderly and at risk during the novel coronavirus outbreak

Older adults are more vulnerable to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) due to compromised immune systems and underlying health conditions. Seniors, loved ones, caregivers, and the community at large play a vital part in preventing the spread of disease and protecting seniors from coronavirus.

Here are some tips on how to support seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Slow the Spread and Stay Home
2. Protect High-Risk Populations
People aged 60+
People with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease

3. Take Care of Yourself and Your Family
4. If sick, isolate and call a medical professional

If you are caregiving for a loved one and would like to get connected with others in our community who are walking the same path join ABC11's Caregivers Corner moderated by Nicole Clagett. The group has 1000+ people supporting one another and sharing wonderful information and resources daily.

More helpful tips can be found on ABC11's Caregivers Corner section.

Transitions GuidingLights Caregivers Support Center, a local charity that supports family caregivers will remain open during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Free information, referrals, education, and support can be accessed by calling Monday-Friday 9-5 (919) 371-2062. You may also email If you find yourself needing extra help or resources during this time please don't hesitate to reach out.
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