'Adopt-A-Granny:' Fayetteville ministry starts grocery delivery service for seniors amid COVID-19

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Fayetteville ministry is "adopting" grandmothers and grandfathers to make sure they're getting the necessary groceries amid COVID-19.


Scott Sweatt is the outreach minister for SonRise, a mobile ministry that travels around Cumberland County.

The longtime minister said some of his fondest memories in his life include quality time with his grandparents.

"Always real close. I would bring her stuff to her house. She would get me to get her stuff from the store. Run her up to the store. You know, we'd sit and read the Bible," Sweatt said.

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Once his grandparents passed away, Sweatt began taking care of his older neighbors, a calling that became more evident as COVID-19 spread across the state.

Sweatt recently started an "Adopt-A-Granny" grocery delivery service. He, along with other volunteers at SonRise, have been going out and shopping for senior citizens who may be frightened to go outside.

The volunteers will pick up whatever their "adopted" grandparents need, properly disinfect the items and bags and leave the supplies at the door step.

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"These are the times that a ministry like ours, and in fact, the whole body of Christ are made for," Sweatt said.

In addition to dropping off groceries, Sweatt will spend some time, at an appropriate distance, talking to the elders in the community. He hopes a friendly face to talk to will help boost someone's morale and even give him a chance to share the gospel.

"Prayer reaches more than six feet. Usually, we'll stand six, eight away; or actually, more like eight to ten feet," Sweatt said.

If you would like to help volunteer or know a senior citizen that needs help purchasing groceries, you can contact the SonRise ministry through Facebook or by calling the main number at 910-960-7786.
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