Some local charities receive $5K from Coastal Federal Credit Union but still need your help to battle COVID-19

Individuals are one important source for charity funding. Even a small donation of $10 can buy five meals for a needy family.

But most charities need more than small cash donations to survive.

That's especially true now when many funding sources have dried up with the economy and in time when charity is needed more than ever.


"Every penny that we raise goes for food. And we've raised right around $50,000 now," Chandler Ellis told ABC11.

Ellis is the founder of Overflowing Hands of Raleigh.

The organization, which provides to help to children locally and worldwide, has teamed up with Rocky Top Catering to provide not only those $2 meals but gourmet $2 meals.

While grassroots donations from individuals and organizations like churches make up a lot of the funding for this work, it's corporate philanthropy that provides a large chunk.

Overflowing Hands and several other local charities each recently received $5,000 grants from Coastal Federal Credit Union.

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"I get to see how wonderful our individuals and our corporations and different organizations are all the time because it's, it's a great, great thing when you put a tray of food in a momma's hands and she starts crying," Ellis said while describing how donations translate into action.

"So it's an awesome, awesome thing that Coastal Federal Credit Union is doing," said Ellis.

Another group that got one of the $5,000 grants is The Green Chair Project.

During normal times the Raleigh organization helps provide furniture for needy families moving into new spaces.

But a big part of the project's mission is providing beds to the more than 6,000 kids in Wake County without them.

It's something the organization is still doing during the pandemic.

"Especially during this crisis those kids need that bed so badly because they're home bound," said Jackie Craig, one of the project's founders.

"And that bed helps them stay healthy, gives them the sleep they need and a space of their own," said Craig.

And to make the cost of delivery go even farther, The Green Chair Project is teaming up with other charities to provide additional items.

"Because we are already going to their house and bringing that bed, we're partnering with five other non-profits trying to get what they do right into the hands of the kids and their families as well. Things like food and school supplies and hygiene items," Craig said.

So, if you can afford it, local charities working during the pandemic to help the needy could use your help.

And, they say, you might want to encourage local corporations to do the same.
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