Bagpiper inspires hope and tranquility during coronavirus pandemic

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Friday, May 8, 2020
Bagpiper inspires hope during the pandemic
For nearly two months during COVID-19, every evening at sunset a bagpiper plays "Amazing Grace" for his neighbors.

LOS ANGELES -- For nearly two months, philanthropist and bagpiper, Andrew McGregor, has been inspiring hope and tranquility by playing 'Amazing Grace' at sunset.

He says it's the right thing to do during stay-at-home distancing.

"You can touch people and connect through music in a time when we really are disconnected and there's a lot of hopelessness," said McGregor.

McGregor hopes his lone performance amplifies his message of optimism and solidarity. "There's a lot of people that are losing loved ones and people are passing. So, I hope it can provide that solace; it can touch them because we're alone, we're isolated and it's strange," McGregor said.

For those who pause to hear his message of hope, McGregor says it's the highest aspiration that any musician can have.

"I can hear it from my balcony every night. I feel calmness when I hear it," said Santa Monica resident Megan Silletti.

The tunes of bagpipes can be heard every sunset at Palisades Park along Ocean Avenue.

McGregor says he'll continue to play until the stay-at-home rules are over.