Beware of coyotes: Humane society warns mating season puts pets at higher risk

GRANVILLE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Beware of coyotes -- that's the warning from the Humane Society of Granville County.

The animal group posted on Facebook that it is coyote mating season in North Carolina for the next several weeks.

"Male coyotes can become more aggressive during this time of year," the post reads.

In addition to the coyotes being dangerous, they have also been known to mate with unspayed or unneutered domestic dogs.

"You should also be mindful that clever coyotes learn the daily schedules of people and their pets. If you let your dog out every evening at 9 p.m., chances are that a coyote is well aware of your routine. He might be waiting in the shadows at 9 p.m. sharp. So change your schedule a bit, walk your dog on a leash close to you, and keep a close eye on them at all times."

In Raleigh, ABC11 spoke to pet owners at dog parks around town. Dog parks generally provide a safe area for your canines free from encroaching wild animals.

"When I'm working, I try to take him more for walks in the neighborhood," Lindsey Rex said of her dog. She said she always keeps an eye on him at the dog parks.

A resident of the Renaissance Park subdivision, just a 10-minute drive from downtown Raleigh, sent ABC11 photos that she took from inside her home of a coyote.

Dr. Jennifer Federico, director of the Wake County Animal Shelter, said male coyotes, in particular, are a concern this time of year.
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