Credit card cloned, suspect caught on surveillance in Cary

A Fuquay-Varina father and husband didn't want to show his face on television, but after becoming the latest victim in a string of cloned credit card cases, he wanted ABC 11 to tell his story to help warn others.

"I come to find out somebody was using my card at Harris Teeter's in the area buying gift cards for $50 a piece," he said. "They bought 5 before the card was shut down."

The thief used a digital reader, a skimmer, to get the victim's bank data and applied it to a bogus card with a magnetic strip creating a clone of the victim's credit card.

Cary Police provided surveillance pictures of the suspect caught on camera at two Cary Harris Teeter stores, Harrison Avenue location and the store on O'Kelly Chapel Road.

The suspect bought gift cards in the self-checkout lane and walked out no questions asked.

The victim now taking extra precaution to ensure he never feels this way again.

"I felt violated that someone would take this money that we'd worked for," he said.
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