9-year-old boy gets town to overturn ban on snowball fights

COLORADO (WTVD) -- A 9-year-old boy has convinced leaders in a small, northern Colorado town to overturn a nearly century-old ban on snowball fights.

Dane Best, who lives in Severance, stood up in a town board meeting Monday night, making his argument to bring back the popular pastime.

"I think it's an outdated law," Dane said.

He said he wanted to throw a snowball and not get in trouble.

The rule is part of a larger ordinance that made it illegal to throw or shoot stones or missiles at people, animals, trees and other public or private property or vehicles. Snowballs fell under the town's definition of "missiles."

Board members sided with Dane and voted unanimously to lift the ban on snowball fights.

Dane's younger brother, 4-year-old Dax, needs to watch out now.

When board members asked Dane who he wanted to target with a snowball, he pointed to his bother.
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