'Diary of a Future President' cast talks about season 2 on Disney+

ByHosea Sanders and Marsha Jordan via WLS logo
Wednesday, August 18, 2021
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The hit comedy "Diary of a Future President" is back on Disney Plus for Season 2.

CHICAGO -- The hit comedy "Diary of a Future President" is back on Disney+ for Season 2, and it started streaming Wednesday.

Hosea Sanders talked to the cast about this groundbreaking series with a Cuban American girl who believes she's destined for the White House!

Elena's ambition, her diverse friends and Cuban family are resonating with viewers.

"Everybody deserves to be represented and to see themselves on screen," said Tess Romero, who plays "Elena." "So many people connect with it, and a lot of young, Latinx people are so excited to see a family that looks like them on screen."

There is also lots of development with Bobby this season.

"He goes on this journey of self-discovery and realizes he has feelings for his friend, Liam," said Charlie Bushnell, who plays "Bobby." "His story is so important because there are so many kids all around the world who are just like Bobby."

Elena's mom also adds her boyfriend to their household.

"I never imagined that a pasty, pasty white guy would be so huge in the Latin community," Michael Weaver, who plays "Sam," said. "Going to work is hilarious and fun, and so I hope it lasts forever."

"If I had a show like this while I was growing up to watch and see myself in, it would have saved me years of maybe therapy and self-doubt," said Selenis Leyva, who plays "Gabi."

The show's creator, Ilana Pena, started writing for TV at Northwestern University.

"It's been really gratifying to see people connect with Elena, and her family and her friends and say, 'that's like my experience and I feel seen and I'm type A Latina girl and you've captured my experience,' and I was like, 'that was me,'" Pena said. "I hope that even in the coldest days of winter you can re-binge Diary and it can give you a little warmth."