20-story towers will rise near Dix Park as part of $700 million project

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
$700 million project under construction near Dix Park
Crews are making way for two new 20-story towers at Lake Wheeler Road and Hammell Drive.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Cynthia Staton has seen big changes in her downtown Raleigh neighborhood.

"This used to be the suburbs when I was little. Now, this is considered downtown," said Staton.

Her family bought the home right after she was born almost 50 years ago. "Now, this is considered downtown. So downtown is spreading out farther and farther. With every few passing decades. So it's a lot, but I am kind of excited with some of the new things that are going to be because of all, the new development," she said.

That new development is just blocks from Staton's childhood home. Crews are making way for two new 20-story towers at Lake Wheeler Road and Hammell Drive.

Each building will include ground-level restaurants and retail space. The first phase is under construction now and will offer 675 apartments.

"There's gonna be more shops, literally in walking distance for here. Shops and music events and things like that," said Staton.

ABC11 spoke with Bryan Kane, CEO and managing partner at SLI Capital, one of the developers behind this $700 million project.

"As you look at where downtown can grow, you know, pushing south is an obvious place, especially with the park, being what we all know it'll become," said Kane.

He pointed to other projects such as Park City South and The Weld that will connect the park and could transform the gateway to downtown Raleigh.

"It makes sense for this kind of front door to downtown and this connectivity between the park and downtown to have some density to it. Because I think they'll allow more people to live in that area and take advantage of the park on a daily basis," Kane said.

However, some neighbors are concerned that more people will bring more problems.

Juan Vasquez, who has lived in the neighborhood for 21 years, said he is worried about additional traffic on Lake Wheeler Road and construction detours that could lead more cars down his street.

"We already live in downtown. I feel like there's always construction going on already. So with that construction, yes, I feel like traffic will be a big problem," Vasquez said.

Raleigh has proposed major changes to Lake Wheeler Road to help improve traffic including four roundabouts, added sidewalks, and bike lanes.

"Maybe there is some good in it," Vasquez said.