Crackdown on unauthorized daycares on military installations could impact Fort Bragg families

Thursday, August 1, 2019
Crackdown on unauthorized daycares on military installations could impact Fort Bragg families
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Crackdown on unauthorized daycares on military installations could impact Fort Bragg families

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Department of Defense is looking to crack down on unauthorized child care centers on military installations. This comes after the death of an infant on a Hawaii military base who was being cared for by a babysitter.

Fort Bragg tells ABC11 they did receive directive from the DOD, adding that changes could be on the way. Meanwhile, military moms fear that could mean fewer childcare options aside from the child development centers on Post.

"We have such a big population on Bragg that it's crucial to have enough daycare and resources for everybody. I know people still on wait-lists for a year that can't get into a center so it's like what do you do?" said Jennifer Paolucci.

Tiffany Martinez has the luxury of bringing her three kids to work with her but the military mom knows what it's like to scramble to find childcare.

"I have been in that position where I needed just anybody and it wasn't a good situation" said Martinez.

Martinez said she then turned to an in-home daycare which turned into a nightmare.

"I am that person who went through that depression, I went through that struggle and I had no help," said Martinez.

That's why she opened downtown Fayetteville's first drop-in daycare to provide a solution to military families.

"So we're set up to have diapers, clothes, food so it's a one stop shop," said Martinez.

Cool Springs Clubhouse features the safety, certifications and security.

"So I have the cameras here, one there, an extra room," Martinez said as she showed off her security features -- two way mirrors and double locking doors. But more than security, the Cool Springs Clubhouse is all about support, something military moms wish military installations had more of

"Something needs to be done to regulate but at the same time you can't sacrifice," said Paolucci.

Fort Bragg officials released this statement:

Under the current policy, unauthorized child care on Fort Bragg is not allowed. When a complaint is made about unauthorized child care on the installation there are procedures in place to visit the home and make a determination as to if unauthorized child care is being conducted or not. Upon finding that unauthorized child care is happening, they will receive written notification to cease and desist. If the unauthorized child care continues legal action will begin to prevent it from continuing.

However, there is process for individuals to become certified to provide child care on post. The certification process is run through Child Youth Services as outlined in Army Regulation 608-10.

Definition: Unauthorized child care is child care given to unrelated children in an uncertified home in excess of 10 child care hours per week on a regular basis.