VIDEO | Dog saved after falling through ice in tense rescue

WAUSAU, WISCONSIN -- A dog was rescued after falling into an icy river and hanging on for life on Sunday.

The scary moments where "Daisy" nearly went under the Wisconsin River in Wausau, Wisconsin were captured on body camera. At one point, the dog loses her grip on the sheet of ice before clutching back onto it.

Police and fire personnel came to Riverside Park and were able to bring Daisy out of harm's way.

The fire department says if they're called when an animal is in trouble, they approach the situation as if they were saving a person. South Area Fire District Fire Department Battalion Chief John Lauer says owners need to fight the urge to be a hero.

"By all means, if you call us because there is a dog on the ice we are going to treat it as a human rescue because we don't want it to turn into a human rescue," Lauer told WAOW.
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