DoorDash driver scammed for $1K by sneaky company call pretending to help

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Thursday, July 22, 2021
DoorDash driver scammed for $1K by sneaky imitation call
The DoorDash driver thought he was protecting his account, but it turns out he was forking over his hard-earned cash.

Imagine hundreds of dollars gone from your account after working so hard to earn that money.

It happened to Darrel Morris, who earns extra money by delivery for Door Dash. He found his account drained after he thought he got a call from a Door Dash representative, but instead it turned out to be a scammer.

Morris said it all started when he was driving and got a call.

"Pull over to a safe area, this is DoorDash. We believe somebody has compromised your account," Morris recounted. He said the caller gave him information about his DoorDash account.

"They said they were able to set up a firewall to prevent them from getting any more of my information."

Morris then got a verification code on his phone.

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"I thought I was on I was not on I was on their website they created that looks like Amazon."

"I gave (the caller) the verification code and then, you know, after that, you're pretty much, you know wait around to see what's going to happen."

Well, what happened is when it came time for DoorDash to pay Morris, it didn't hit his bank account. He called DoorDash to find out why. They told him the payment went through without any problems.

However, it turns out the payment went to a different bank account.

The nearly $1,000 Morris earned from DoorDash went to the scammer's bank, as it was scammers who called Morris days before pretending to be DoorDash. Morris is now speaking out to warn others.

"I don't want to see somebody else go through the same thing."

He said he tried to work with DoorDash to get his money back, but when it didn't happen he got in touch with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. The company provided this statement: "DoorDash takes the trust of our community very seriously, and we're committed to the security of those we serve. We have reached out to the Dasher to offer support and have reimbursed the lost funds. We appreciate his patience as we ensure proper payment into the correct account."

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This cybercrime is known as virtual e-skimming or form jacking and it happens without you even knowing it.

DoorDash said that this incident was similar to a phishing scam to access the Dasher account. If Dashers have questions about their accounts, they should reach out to the support team immediately, who can investigate and take the appropriate actions.

The company also adds they've implemented several changes to help keep dasher accounts secure, including protecting payout changes, where a two-factor authentication code is sent to dashers, and a warning not to share that code with anyone, including DoorDash.

After contacting Troubleshooter Diane Wilson about his issue, Wilson received all the funds from DoorDash.

"It was a quick response, and I really appreciate you helping me."

The Troubleshooter Takeaways to remember is you always need to protect your accounts. When you get a call or email claiming to be from a company and there is a problem with your account, don't just hand over your personal information, as it could be a scammer. If you are ever in doubt, you should reach out to the company directly.