Off Limits Triangle: DPAC

Friday, August 3, 2018
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Julie Wilson goes behind the scenes at the DPAC.

DURHAM (WTVD) -- Beyond the red chairs and the giant curtain of the DPAC stage lies some of Hollywood and Broadway's top talent's signatures and designs.

Jerry Seinfeld and Robin Williams' names are scribbled in a black sharpie marker on a white cement brick. Down the hall, Ringo Star and Dolly Parton also have written their names.

But what makes the walls of the DPAC unique are the Broadway poster paintings.

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"Shrek the Musical started back in 2011," said Jacob Holland with the DPAC. "And Shrek, if you've ever seen the movie, you know they love picking at other musicals and fairy tales and that kind of thing. They thought it would be funny, that's exactly how it started."

The "it" Holland refers to are the murals. "Shrek" imitates "The Lion King", and "The Sound of Music" mimics "The Book of Mormon."

The DPAC offers the community a chance to tour backstage.

Guests should anticipate spending 45 minutes backstage during this once a month tour.