'This could have happened here just as easily:' Triangle activist, victim of mass shooting react to California school shootings

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Frustration is boiling over for some local activists who are tired of watching shootings play out in the U.S.

They say it's important to press our elected leaders to take action.

"The lack of action that our country is taking and that our state is taking in between these acts of mass gun violence-- they're just prone to continue to happen as long as we keep not acting," said Greear Webb, a freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill. "I think it affects me, even more, being here on a college campus. A lot of these shootings recently have occurred on high school campuses but this being a public university it made me think: this could happen here just as easily."

Webb organized a town hall on gun violence at Sanderson High School last year in response to the shootings in Parkland, Florida when he was a senior. He said as he was writing his speech for that event, violence struck a town outside Houston.

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A similar event happened Thursday in California while he was preparing for class at UNC.

"I'm writing a brief and another act of gun violence happens at a school in Santa Clarita," he said. "It's just upsetting to me that these things continue to happen but I don't want to give up because I know our country can and do more but when it comes to action we have to demand more from our leaders."

Apex native Drew Pescaro, one of the survivors of the six people shot in April at UNCC, took to Twitter immediately firing off a series of tweets in response to the events in California He's one of the six people shot in April at UNC Charlotte.

A new study came out from the secret service that said many of these tragedies could have been avoided if school systems had put in measures to ID students of concern and assess their potential isk for engaging in violence.
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