New drive-in lets you enjoy first run feature movies from the safety of your car

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
New drive-in lets you enjoy first run feature movies from the safety of your car
With movie theaters closed across the U.S., Ben Chou wanted to make it possible for people to watch new releases outside of the home. So, he founded We Drive-Ins.WE Drive-Ins offers a new excuse to get out of the house and enjoy first run feature films from the comfort and Covid safety of your car.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Since the closure of movie theaters due to COVID-19, drive-in theaters are making a comeback with safe and socially distanced way to enjoy a night out with your friends and family.

WE Drive-Ins in Santa Monica, CA is now making it possible for people to enjoy new releases outside the home and in the safety of their own car.

Each vehicle will receive one WE Experience Pack full of goodies specially curated which includes premium popcorn, beverage, reserved VIP parking, and vouchers from local and national partners worth in excess of $30 to maximize your WE experience.

Additionally, various dining options allows guests to order meals from restaurants like Mendocino Farms, Tocaya Organica and Tiato Kitchen + Market which are then delivered to their car.

"Guests can preorder menu items from any of the three restaurants rather than buying them at the drive-in," said CEO of WE Drive-Ins, Ben Chou. "Traditional drive-ins have these kind of pop-up type food trucks and or open grills, while with COVID, it's not really kosher to stand outside," Chou added.

Despite the closing of regular movie theaters amid the pandemic, Chou said drive-in theaters provide much more freedom for viewers. With options for guests to change the volume of the film through cut car radios, talk in private vehicles and eat any snack they like, he said attendees can enjoy having more control over their viewing experiences.

"I remember drive-ins from when I was a teenager, and I think Gen Z is missing the entire drive-in experience," Chou said, "We can help reinvent it."

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