Steady rain doesn't stop Durham's Earth Day celebration

Monday, April 24, 2017
Durham celebrates 'Earth Day'
Durham residents embraced the rain and celebrated 'Earth Day.'

DURHAM, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Despite the steady rain, the City of Durham pushed on with the Earth Day Festival at Durham Central Park Sunday afternoon.

Festival organizers said they have been working for months to make the festival happen.

The city is encouraging more folks to carpool, walk, or ride their bikes when it comes to travel. Sunday's festival aimed to teach people how to conserve in their everyday lives.

"Whether it's composting, recycling, or water conservation," explained Cynthia Booth with the City of Durham.

Despite the much-needed rain during the festivities, the city of Durham is leading by example. A large cistern is connected to gutters next to Eten Garden collecting rain water which feeds into the garden.

James Lim, the administrator for the water efficiency program with the city, says that it's important not to waste water - even on rainy days.

Lim also says that toilets are main culprits for water usage in your home.

"In the city of Durham, we offer a toilet rebate program, so people can get up to one hundred dollars back on their toilet," Lim said.


"I think we all need to play our part. From one household to another, we all need to make sure were doing our due diligence." Booth shared.

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