Meet 94-year-old Alma Boykin, a beloved volunteer at Hunter Elementary for 13 years

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Each day for the last 13 years, 94-year-old Alma Boykin has walked across the street from her Raleigh home to volunteer at Hunter Gifted & Talented/AIG Basics Magnet Elementary.

"I just like working with kids," Boykin said. "They make me feel young. Better than to be sitting around the house looking at the tv, and I feel better working with kids. I love kids. They say they like me."

Boykin volunteers mostly in the kindergarten classrooms. The students love her. They all affectionately simply call her 'Granny'.

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Each day for the last 13 years, 94-year-old Alma Boykin has walked across the street to volunteer

"All the time pulling on me all the time, 'Granny, Granny, Granny, I love you. I love you,'" Boykin said.

The teachers say Boykin is a special part of the Hunter family.

"Just how excited the kids get when she walks in, they're like 'Granny is here!'" said kindergarten teacher Alicia Tanceusz.

"She's a huge help," said kindergarten teacher Cullen Eller. "She does everything and she's here every single day so no matter what's asked shes up for trying something new," Eller said.

Boykin began her volunteering through the city of Raleigh's Foster Grandparent Program. The program pairs seniors 55 and up with schools to serve as a role model for children.

Foster Grandparents serve a minimum of 20 hours per week and receive benefits such as an hourly stipend, transportation reimbursement, ongoing training and supplemental insurance according to the city of Raleigh's website.

For Boykin, the program is exactly what she needed after retiring from a cosmetics company.

"I like working with kids," Boykin said. "I just like kids period. I just love 'em because I couldn't have any of my own."
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