Wake County giving driver's ed the green light

WAKE COUNTY (WTVD) -- The Wake County Public School System is giving driver's ed the green light.

Some students will be able to get behind the wheel as early as Monday.

The young student drivers who've already done the classroom portion of driver's ed will get to take part in actual 'hands on' driving.

Those who still need the state mandated 30-hour classes have about a month to prepare by studying North Carolina's rules of the road.

The driver education classes offered by Wake County public schools rev up in early November.

The district's program, contracted through Jordan Driving School in Garner has the funding it needs, now that state lawmakers have worked out the budget details.

About 12,000 teens go through the Wake County school district's driver education program each year.

Students who've completed their classroom training will be scheduled for their behind the wheel instructions according to the dates they took those initial classes, officials say.
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