Wake County parents complain about overcrowded buses

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Parents at Panther Creek High School say overcrowded buses have been a problem since students went back to class this week. (WTVD)

Parents at Panther Creek High School say overcrowded buses have been a problem since students went back to class this week.

Anne Robotti says her children's bus was so full Friday morning, the driver had to pull over and wait for a second bus to pick up the extra passengers in Morrisville's Breckenridge neighborhood.

She said the problem started earlier in the week.

"Kids were shoving three people into a seat that's supposed to hold two people, and there were still kids standing in the aisle," said Robotti.

According to Wake County Schools, four buses are assigned to the Breckenridge subdivision.

But earlier in the week, students began piling on to buses in which they were not assigned.

"One of the buses was coming really late that was supposed to come through our development, so kids were just walking down to the earlier bus stops and climbing on the bus," said Robotti.

Robotti complained to the school district using the proper online forms and making calls to the transportation office, but she got no answer.

"I was concerned, of course about the safety issue because we had a bus rear-ended in this development a couple of weeks ago," said Robotti.

Robotti took to social media hoping to get the problem fixed.

Wake County Schools admitted there was an issue with crowding on several of the school buses at Panther Creek High School.

One tweet revealed bus drivers were also reporting the issues, but the school district said it did not have enough staff to speak to every parent.

Wake County Schools told ABC11 the bus assigned to Robotti's children was carrying 52 students Tuesday when it should have only have carried 48.

But while some students had to stand, per NCDMV rules, standing on the bus is permitted during the first few days of school to allow for adjustments as long as passengers are behind the driver.

Thursday afternoon, administrators at Panther Creek High School stood outside buses with clipboards to make sure riders got on the right bus.

Wake County Schools said in a statement, "The situation is currently resolved, but the district continues to monitor all our buses to ensure they are transporting students per guidelines."

"I think I was appropriately concerned," said Robotti. "I didn't want it to be an on-going thing, and I definitely am very happy that they fixed it."

To report an overcrowded bus: http://www.wcpss.net/parents/transportation//
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