'Shark Tank' comes to Raleigh

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Hundreds came to Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh Friday for a Shark Tank casting call.

Entrepreneurs brought their products, ranging from the "shower apron" to disposable ice booties to smartphone games that claim to determine who's the most "talented person in the world."

William Clardy was the first in line. He arrived at 9 a.m. to pitch his "Powercart," which gives the disabled access to the beach. As he teared up, he said there's one reason he's doing this:

"To help handicap fisherman and kids get to the beach," he said.

The entrepreneurs pulled out all the stops in hopes of getting on the show.

Jerome Paul drove from Minneapolis and sported a bright blond wig for the occasion.

"If I'm not standing out right now I don't know how else to stand out," he said, but wouldn't reveal what he was pitching. "You know what if I told you that you'd become a millionaire."

Mindy Zemrak, Shark Tank Casting Manager, explained how the process works.

"Once we bring them inside they will come into our interview rooms, where they'll have one minute to pitch our casting staff," Zemrak said. "We're looking for passionate entrepreneurs who love what they do and completely believe in their company. It's not about how much money they've made. It's not about if they have a patent. It's really about who they are, what their story is. If they're really, really passionate and they need an investment to get to the next step. Passion goes much farther than anything else."

It will be a few weeks before the hopefuls know if they're chosen for the show.

Shark Tank airs on ABC11.

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