EXCLUSIVE: Boy with autism left alone on bus, driver arrested

EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn -- A young boy was left alone on a bus for hours - now, the driver is under arrest.

Philomen Polycarpe, 58, is accused of endangering the welfare of a child with autism named Elijah Streety. Dwonna Johnson is the child's mother.

"I don't understand - how could you forget a child on the bus?" the boy's mother Dwonna Johnson asked. "If you take a look, you would have seen him.

The minibus, owned by Y&M Transit was late picking up Elija at his Canarsie home on Monday morning.

Police said when the bus got to school, the 10-year-old never got off. The driver continued to his own home in Canarsie, parked the bus, and locked it up.

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Nearly three hours later, a passerby spotted Elijah, who has trouble communicating, trying to get out a window and called police.

A Department of Education spokesperson released a statement saying, "The safety of students and staff is our top priority, and this deeply troubling incident is being investigated, We are working in close partnership with the NYPD, and will ensure appropriate follow-up action is swiftly taken."

Like many children with autism, Elijah used to love the bus; however, as angry as his mother is, she said she is just happy he is safe.

"I feel like there's an angel watching over my son, because there's so much bad things going on with kids right now, and I'm just happy that he's okay he's not hurt - no bumps, no scrapes - nothing," she said.
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