Father's Day: ABC11 staff share photos of dad

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

On this Father's Day, ABC11 staff shared their favorite photos of dad.

Joel Brown

This is my dad, John Brown, holding me in the hospital right after I was born. I would guess he's thankful I was healthy and imagining what kind of man I would turn out to be. He was a huge force in ensuring I didn't become a jerk.

Thanks dad!

Tim Pulliam

The first photo is Prom night April 2000 (Person High School, Roxboro, NC). This is my favorite photo of Tim Pulliam, Sr. and I.

Daddy was excited about getting me ready for prom. We picked out the tux together and he took great care in getting me ready on the day of. I got the feeling he took his time to enjoy the moment. Now it's one of my fondest memories.

The second photo is dad sitting peacefully in his rock garden. He now rests peacefully in heaven.

Diane Wilson

I love my dad as he has been with me through all of my crazy adventures throughout the years and no matter what's going on in life he's always smiling! Plus I get my curls from him! (Despite never wearing it curly except at the beach)

Steve Daniels

Three generations of Daniels guys catching a Spring Training game in Florida. My dad, my son and I love baseball and there's nothing better than going to a game together.

DeJuan Hoggard

Here's a photo of me and my dad, Carlton. He's a very wise man, giving, and loving. Back in high school when I was set on being a journalist, he was right there as one of the biggest supporters! And has been ever since! It is with great pride, that I get to call him my dad.

John Clark

This is my dad, the late John Clark, Sr. He was a WW2 veteran and longtime civil servant with the US Defense Department. Dad was my hero, teaching me the values of hard work and a good education, and introducing me to the joys of Phillies baseball, bowling, and milkshakes! I miss him!

Kim Deaner

My dad is wonderful. He's funny and loving. He is blessed with the ability to fix anything and everything. He keeps my family's cars running and keeps my house standing. He loves to be outside and enjoys any activity that lets him spend time with his family.

Amber Rupinta

This picture with my dad is a truly special one to me. He survived a heart attack and triple bypass and as he was recovering I told him when he was better we would take him to his bucket list trip to the Vatican to see the Pope.

His ship was in Naples, Italy when he was in the Navy in his 20s but, he didn't get any leave while they were there. Many of the sailors took day trips to Rome and came back to tell him how beautiful the Vatican was and he sadly kept working. Growing up in the Philippines it was his life's dream that he would one day visit but it wasn't meant to be during that time.

Fast forward to Sept. 2017, just before he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, at 83 years old we made the trip and saw the Pope twice in St. Peter's Square. What a blessing. Now, we hope to go again to celebrate his cancer treatment.

Andrea Blanford

This is one of my favorite pictures of Pop with his girls. The warmest, safest place to escape the rain or cold wind would always be inside his jacket, nuzzled right up against his chest. Pop always had room for us both- my big sister, Jessica and me- so we could giggle at whatever storm was coming.

He's shielded me through many 'storms' throughout my years; always quick to come wherever I needed him, never the first to let go of a hug, forever praying for God to work His will in my life.

I love you, Pop... to the moon and back! Happy Father's Day.

Bridget Condon

My dad is one of the reasons why I'm a sports reporter. I grew up going to games and watching sports with him. He used to coach a lot of my youth sports teams and came to watch me play whatever sports I was playing. I love the bond sports has given us. I'm so grateful to have a role model like my dad. He's one of the most supportive people in my life and always has great advice and words of encouragement. I credit a lot of my success to this man right here! Happy Father's Day dad, I love you!!

Michael Perchick

For decades, my family has had season tickets to Giants games. My dad and I show up hours early to tailgate with friends before making our way inside to cheer on Big Blue. It's a ritual he shared growing up with his father, Mel, before he suddenly passed away when my dad was in college. My dad never had the chance to go to a Super Bowl with his dad, and watch the Giants capture the Lombardi trophy. The below photo is taken at Super Bowl XLII in 2008, where the Giants upset the (previously) undefeated Patriots. Unfortunately, I never met my Grandpa Mel, but know he was with us that night, helping David Tyree from above secure that incredible catch on his helmet. The pure joy and exuberance of not only winning - but doing so with my dad by my side - is a thrill and memory I'll always treasure. Dad, I love you.... and (just as importantly) 84 days to Opening Kickoff. Happy Father's Day.

Anthony Wilson

My daughter Ryan turns 21 on Father's Day this year!