Hilarious water challenge leaves kids drenched

When this father wanted to prove to his kids why he doesn't allow them to eat or drink in his Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous, he invited them to participate in what he calls "The Ludicrous Water Challenge."

The father, Brooks, uploaded video of himself challenging his children to drinking water while driving as part of his car critique YouTube show, DragTimes.

"If you can drink in my car without spilling this one time, you can eat and drink in the car any time you want," said Brooks in the video.

Of course, the game was rigged. As soon as Brooks told the kids to drink from their cups of water, he stepped on the gas, sending the water splashing in their faces. The kids were immediately soaked, but Brooks challenging them again, with the prize being $20 to whoever had the most water in their cup.

Again, the kids fell for it, and ended up drenched.
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