Couple loses 400 pounds in 2 years

TERRE HAUTE, Indiana -- One couple has lost a collective 400 pounds together in two years and they're inspiring others.

It started as a New Year's resolution but led to a viral Instagram account, @fatgirlfedup, documenting their inspiring weight loss journey together with a whopping 463,000 followers.

When the couple started their mission to shed the weight, Lexi Reed was 485 pounds and Danny Reed was 280 pounds.

"I went from a size 28 to a size 10," Lexi told ABCNews.

"I went from a 46 all the way down to a 32," Danny added.

Lexi said they "were fed up with the life (they) were living" so they set out to make a change, hitting the gym, eating healthy and documenting it all on her Instagram account.

"I never expected to have such an impact," she said. "I just wanted to get healthy."

Fitness experts say one key to success is having someone else to lean on.
"A workout partner is key. Accountability is everything," celebrity fitness trainer Latreal Mitchell told ABC News. "Not every day you're going to want to go out there and give it your all. At least you'll have someone to say, 'Come on. Today is my day to uplift you and vice versa.'"

Danny Reed now weighs 191 pounds and Lexi is down to 182, but they said this was no easy feat.

Additional tips from Mitchell include be honest with yourself and what you want to do, get rid of the excuses, hold yourself accountable for what you say you want and give yourself a realistic time to get it done
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