Fayetteville PD's strategy for recruiting officers? Good pay, big bonuses

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Saturday, October 23, 2021
Fayetteville PD unveils plan to recruit more officers
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There are 58 jobs to fill at Fayetteville PD.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Law enforcement agencies are struggling to keep officers on the job -- and struggling to recruit new ones.

In Raleigh, the police chief is trying to hire more than 100 new officers.

Now, the Fayetteville Police Department has a new plan to get the right people behind the badge.

"It's not just a number here in Fayetteville, North Carolina," said Capt. Todd Joyce.

The "number" they are focused on is 58 -- that's how many jobs the Fayetteville Police Department needs to fill - it knows it is competing with other law enforcement agencies across the state as well as the nation.

"You can contact a number of agencies in other metropolitan communities that can give you a similar number on how many vacancies," Joyce said.

So, what is the Fayetteville PD doing to attract new officers?

"Money makes the world go round," Sgt. Kendra Faire said.

She said it is all about incentives.

On Friday, the department announced new benefits and pay as part of a new recruitment-and-retention strategy.

The department is also working with the basic law enforcement training program Fayetteville Technical Community College.

"It kind of helps us in a way to double the manpower, so we are able to run our own academy as well send people through that academy at the same time," Faire said.

In January, new recruits who complete the academy can expect a starting salary of $41,500 per year with a $4,000 sign-on bonus.

People with military experience can get a $6,000 sign-on bonus and people with prior law enforcement experience can get a $10,000 if they make a two- to three-year commitment.

"The better benefits, the higher salary the better, so that is definitely a useful tool when attracting people to work at your agency," Faire said.

The department hopes it attracts people focused on reducing crime and building bridges in the community.

"We need to reflect those people that are out there, Faire said. "We are one."

Fayetteville PD is hoping to have another graduating academy class by the end of the year.