NC leaders, medical professionals react after FDA pulls JUUL products from market

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued marketing denial orders to JUUL Labs Inc. for all their products being marketed across the country. This order means all JUUL devices and pods must be pulled from the shelves or risk enforcement action.

According to Attorney General Josh Stein, North Carolina was first in the states to take JUUL to court for marketing to teens, kid-friendly flavors and poor age verification.

"They designed, marketed and sold products in a way that spiked teen addiction all across the country. What I want the FDA to do is apply a uniform set of rules against entire industry that reduces nicotine content, which accelerates addiction, gets rid of flavors because that's what attracts kids and that eliminates marketing to young people," said Stein.

Its impact is widespread here in North Carolina with state numbers showing teen vaping increasing to the tune of 400 percent over the last few years. Medical professionals call that alarming. They say vaping is a gateway to using cigarettes and other tobacco-based products. They say it has more harmful effects on children than adults.

"This nicotine has central effects on growing brains. The adult brain is a little more set. So, it may not have the same effect on the brain in comparison to youth especially taking in so much high amount of nicotine as new products which makes it much more addictive," said Sairum Jabba a Duke Research Scientist.

According to Attorney General Josh Stein, JUUL is likely appealing this decision and asking the court to delay implementation until its resolved.
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