Local photographer gives tips on getting the perfect pic

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Felicia Perry is an internationally acclaimed photographer from Los Angeles who now lives in Raleigh shooting pictures of food, chefs, and restaurants. She started Food-Seen, company that offers professional photography and marketing services for North Carolina's food, beverage and restaurant industries.

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She says the keys to making a great picture are good lighting, good lighting, great lighting. She also advised people to keep it simple.

"When you overthink things like the dish or the place settings or the lighting, then you're wasting all this time. The whole key is to capture the dish or the drink or the space," she commented

She also believes the key to a good online presence is to engage with your audience. Push out good content, like a good picture, then engage in conversation with people who like what you share.

"We really try to utilize our strength, which is amazing photography, when we push out content. But we also try to push out personality, so that a business isn't just a business or an institution - it's affable, familiar, and fun," said said.

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image courtesy Felicia Perry

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