How to do Raleigh's Brewgaloo craft beer festival

Brewgaloo - the largest craft beer festival in North Carolina and second largest in the country - and it takes place in downtown Raleigh - the entire length of Fayetteville Street and it's open to the public!

There's going to be 117 North Carolina only breweries and 45 food trucks! Talk about beer and food pairings!

With a festival that's going to bring in over 30,000 people and a lot of beer and cider selections - it's best to have a plan so you can have the most fun.

1- Get tickets online early! Avoid the lines to buy tickets - there are check-in stations all along the side streets to check you in, check ID, get your tickets, wristband and cup and you're on your way!

2- EXPLORE! It's the entire length of Fayetteville Street - craft beer is a journey and Brewgaloo has an amazing path to follow.

Walk the street first, check out the breweries and what they're serving, take notes to what catches your eye and plan how to use your tickets. It's two tickets to get a 3oz sample and five or a pint.

I recommend sampling all the beers from around the state that you can't find in this area. The festival is from 2 -10 p.m. - plenty of time to find your new favorite!

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3- If there's a slight chance for rain - bring a poncho.

A $1 poncho in your pocket is easier than carrying a jacket or dealing with an umbrella. With an umbrella, you'll only have one free hand - what if you have a beer and you want to eat?

4- Be Safe! With 25 tickets - that's five pints or 12 samples.

Beers will be all over the ABV (alcohol by volume) range - and you may catch up with you. Maybe have a DD since it's open to all and with local food, vendors and music - there's plenty to do! Get a cab, Uber, Lyft - whatever It takes to get home safe so you can enjoy Brewgaloo next year!

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