Raleigh church gives away $25 in gas to 500 people on Holy Saturday

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- On the morning before Easter Sunday, hundreds of people in Raleigh received practical gifts: $25 worth of free gas, courtesy of the Baptist Grove Church.

Many motorists like Kelly Rosinski appreciated the chance to save.

"Thank you, and keep up the good work," she said to one of the providers. "You are blessed, and you are blessings," Rosinski said.

"We're blessing our community with gas. Why? Because people are hard pressed at the pump, we know that gas prices are astronomical right now. We're passing out some doughnuts, we're praying with people at the pump. We want them to leave, not only with full tanks but full in the spirit as well, "pastor Bankole Akinbinu said.

Gas prices have forced some people to curtail spur of the moment trips or scenic weekend drives. Rosinski said without the gasoline she got for free on Saturday, he would be sitting at home, staring at the walls.

Pastor Akinbinu considers the distribution of free gas part of his ministry.

"There's so much that's happening in our world. There's so much distress, there's so much mental anguish as a result. So, we believe in the power of prayer, we believe God cares for people, and this is what this is all about," Akinbinu said. "So we don't want people to just leave saying. 'Oh, that church is so nice!' We want people to leave saying 'What a great God, what a great Lord!'"
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