General Hospital episode, Friday, January 22, 2016

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Friday, January 22, 2016
General Hospital

Note: The following post contains spoilers!

Jason asks Elizabeth why he should believe her that someone is after their son Jake, rather than believe Sam, who says Elizabeth made it all up. Elizabeth says Jason doesn't really know her if she thinks she would lie about their son being in harm's way. She swears on their son's life that she is telling the truth. Jason doesn't seem to know what to think. He says he will call her in the morning and leaves. Suddenly Jake appears, looking very angry.

Jake says he wants his dad to stay. Elizabeth tells Jake that she and Jason are not getting married, but that his dad loves him and will always be a part of his life.

Laura then knocks on the door. Elizabeth tells Laura what happened with Jason and Sam. After Laura leaves, Jake can be seen on the stairs, scribbling angrily on some paper. In his head, he recalls hearing Sam tell Jason not to be fooled by Elizabeth, his mom.

Dante tells Sonny what happened with Lulu, Johnny and Valerie. Sonny urges Dante to forgive her, but has no luck. Sonny expresses frustration to Michael that Dante is throwing away the best life he had. The best way to lose, he says, is to refuse to try. He says that's why he continues to work at the gym, in the hopes of regaining the use of his legs. He tries every day for himself and for his family. Michael says he has learned many lessons from Sonny. When Michael leaves the gym, Sonny pulls himself up and stands for the first time.

Lulu confesses to Laura all that she has done and how she worked with Johnny to try to get rid of Valerie. Laura tells Lulu that she should just stand still for a while, until she has a clearer mind. As Laura starts to leave, Dante appears at the door.

Lulu tries to apologize to Dante and pleads with him to start over, to forgive her as she will forgive him. She says she did everything she did because she wanted to save their marriage. Dante says she never had to try to get rid of Valerie because Valerie broke up with him on New Year's and he was relieved. He had just wanted to be with Lulu the whole time. Still, says Dante, things have gone too far and it's too late. He says they need to let things go for Rocco's sake. He tells Lulu that he is going to a lawyer to draw up divorce papers.

Nikolas tells Hayden he loves her, but she pulls away. She says she is not sure what to do with his love because it is so new and overwhelming, but she doesn't want him to doubt her again. Nikolas says things changed for him when he was in the hospital because he could tell she felt real feelings about him. Hayden tells Nikolas that she fell in love with him then. Despite these declarations, Hayden threatens to leave because Nikolas does not trust her. He stops Hayden, asking her to stay with him forever, as his wife.

Carly tries to throw Jason a birthday party at the club, but Jason won't have it. She tells him he needs to stop drawing a line between who he was and who he is now. She says he's the same person, even if he doesn't remember. Jason walks out to the balcony. Sam follows him with a piece of cake. It starts to rain and Jason suddenly remembers another night on the balcony with Sam, and how he felt about her.