George Foreman comes out swinging against COVID-19

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Thursday, January 14, 2021
George Foreman to get COVID-19 vaccine
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Big George is teaming up with UTHealth for the effort as health experts are working to overcome doubts about the vaccine.

HOUSTON, Texas -- George Foreman, the retired two-time heavyweight boxing champion, is coming out swinging against COVID-19 and doubts about the vaccine.

Foreman is teaming up with UTHealth to outline facts about the doses and was vaccinated during a Thursday afternoon event.

The effort comes after a new report from the Episcopal Health Foundation that outlines disparities in health care access in Black and Hispanic communities, according to a statement from UTHealth. The lack of access has contributed to more deaths from the virus and has cost billions of dollars, according to the report.

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"This vaccine is for everyone and I'm proud to receive it in the heart of the city with people who make the city work," Foreman said in a statement. "Just like I knocked out Joe Frazier, now science is knocking out COVID to become the champion."