Harris Teeter's parent company Kroger hiring 10,000 extra workers and offering PTO for workers with COVID-19

Kroger is hiring an additional 10,000 workers across their retail stores, manufacturing plants and distribution centers amid the coronavirus outbreak, a company spokeswoman confirmed.

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The company, which is the parent company of Harris Teeter, announced it will pay any part-time and full-time employees for 14 days that are forced to quarantine at home or have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

If you're interested, you must apply on Kroger's website. The company said you could land a job within several days of applying.

"Kroger's average hourly wage is $15 an hour," read a statement from Kroger. "With comprehensive benefits factored in, our average hourly rate is over $20; benefits that many of our competitors don't offer."

Earlier this week Kroger's president, Joe Kelley, said products continue to arrive at U.S. locations.

"If someone you know is interested in joining our team, we can hire them this week, just need to apply at jobs.kroger.com," Kelley said.

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