Debunking head lice myths as your child returns back to school

One of the least exciting things about sending your kids back to school is that along with finding new friends and doing homework, they could also bring home head lice!

But there are some myths about the little critters.

Lice are not airborne. They cannot jump, hop, or fly.

The main way they are spread is from close, prolonged head-to-head contact.

Another piece of fiction - dirty hair isn't to blame!

Surprisingly, lice like a clean head the best.

Also, your child's haircut doesn't matter when it comes to lice infestations.

Lice can lay nits on a quarter-inch of hair.

And they are called head lice for a reason: they need a head to survive.

Lice only live about two days when they're off the head, which means you don't have to worry about bedding or clothing your lice-infected child hasn't touched since last week.
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